The NRL has a lot to answer for

Last night saw a depleted Roosters side surge ahead, and then hang on against a fast finishing Rabbitohs squad. While everyone should clearly be spending today lauding the praises of the boys from Bondi and revelling in the defeat of South Sydney (one that will likely aid them in missing out on the finals) instead … Continue reading The NRL has a lot to answer for


NBA Trade Talk

Getting lost with some of the recent free agency movements in the NBA? Struggling to form an opinion without the assistance of others? You've come to the right place. We'll retread some familiar ground from just prior to draft night through to now, but I'll get a bit deeper into who's come out on top … Continue reading NBA Trade Talk

State of Origin Game 3 – Team Prediction

One of the laziest most important things one can do at this time of year is hypothesise over the makeup of the New South Wales and Queensland Origin squads. Opinions on this are like assholes, everyone's got one and they all stink except for mine, which smells like the morning dew. I'll attempt to remain as … Continue reading State of Origin Game 3 – Team Prediction